March 15th was a fitting date for the announcement that Michael Jackson’s precious fifty-percent share of the Sony/ATV music-publishing catalogue had been sold to Sony Music at a knock-down price. At a depreciated cost that coincidentally and conveniently just about covers the Estate’s IRS tax fine. With an extra two million thrown in perhaps as a bonus for the architect of the Estate’s deliberate mismanagement.

For March 15th marks the Ides of March. The day Julius Caesar uttered the words “Et tu, Brute?” as he recognised his friend Brutus amongst the assassins that had conspired to murder him.

Of course, there would have been no “Et tu, Branca?” – Michael had long-since realised that the duplicitous lawyer was no friend of his. What with Michael firing him for conflict of interest, due to his representing Sony Music as Michael protested against the company. As well as Michael screaming at people who even mentioned Branca’s name, insisting that Branca was in cahoots with Sony Music and Sneddon in helping bring about the child molestation prosecution.

Furthermore, in his song ‘In The Back’ it takes no wild stretch of imagination when considering who Michael is referring to as he sings of how he is still trying to “deal with the fires that they made”. Indeed, a lifetime of litigation is inevitable when its your own lawyer conspiring against you. Neither is it far-fetched to imagine who the “Johnny” might be that Michael references in ‘Superfly Sister’ – “Johnny” who is “begging pretty please, keep that brother on his knees.”

Yet – I’ll say it again – in the will that was signed by Michael whilst he was provably three thousand miles away, John Branca was granted stewardship of Michael’s Estate in the event of his death.

Such a tragic turn of events how it has become Michael’s true fans that will never buy anything again that they release in his name. The thought of lining the pockets of those criminals makes me feel physically sick.

Michael was killed for his catalogue. He explicitly told us that this would happen.

Julius Caesar’s death marked the start of a civil war, though how there can possibly be a civil war between Michael Jackson fans is beyond me. I simply cannot begin to imagine the mindset of any faction that defends this egregious undermining of Michael’s life work and wishes. Who are these people? Can there really be enough of these avaricious imbeciles in order to form an army? Regardless, their battle is immoral; their Estate built on sand.

Branca has succeeded in both his straight-faced farce and in his aplomb as a conjuror – he has offered just enough glittering explosions to distract just enough people to support him as he saw Sony Music over the finish line.

And Branca is continuing with this technique, with Michael’s children taking the heat. After once again going public with her anti-Sony stance, Paris suddenly became the victim of a media smear claiming that her boyfriend was racist.

Also in the same week, Prince launched his own production company, ‘King’s Son Productions’.

And in this lies some hope.

For in the civil war of Roman times, the throne was ultimately won by Julius Caesar’s son.



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