People from over one hundred and fifty countries read my blog, a fact that I find as surprising as the next person; a fact that somehow manages to be humbling, terrifying and encouraging all at the same time.

As a result of this, I’m lucky enough to have made friends from all over the world who share my perception of our hero Michael Jackson – the man we have so much to thank for, not least in how his peerless genius created this gargantuan network of likeminded people.

This friendship group contains some of the most intelligent and kind people I have ever encountered. People who – in an effort to spread Michael’s message to as many people as possible – have incredibly-generously volunteered to translate my book The First Book of Michael into various languages, the first of which will be available this coming week.

Speaking of the book, my good friends at the The MJCast recently asked me if I’d be attending the Kingvention that’s happening in London, and if I’d be selling my book there.

I jokingly responded that I might, but only if I could get hold of a bullet-proof vest to wear beneath my The First Book of Michael T-shirt.

Seriously, though. I probably will attend. If only to report back on how Michael Jackson Estate fanboys and fangirls – as opposed to Michael Jackson fans – imagine an Estate of Michael Jackson Convention should manifest.

The distinction between fanboy and fan is a stark one. Fanboys being more than willing to adopt a position of self-denial in order to enable their acceptance of subpar shiny things from the Estate, in a compensatory effort to boost their memorabilia collections and their credentials.

Yes, I realise that’s harsh. And not entirely accurate. Fanboy is part of the journey. After all, I remember 1997. I remember being a naïve 17 year old unaware of an opiate called Demerol. I remember initially wondering why in the song ‘Morphine’ Michael was plaintively, if incongruously, singing the name of his then-wife.

Still. At least during my initiation, I knew the money I was spending on memorabilia was going to help Michael’s mission, rather than lining the pockets of the corrupt.

Generally, anyway. I’ll never forget the extortionately priced VHS of Dangerous Tour in Milan I received in the post, in which this was the best shot of Michael:


An event I’m actually extremely excited about is The Jacksons headlining the BBC Proms in Hyde Park in September. To hear those Can You Feel It horns being performed by a live orchestra is going to be rather special. Even imagining it makes my spine tingle. It will be soulful. It will be quality.

I might even wear a The First Book of Michael T-shirt to that, too.

So. Anyone know where I can get a bullet-proof vest? You know – like the one Michael wore when he protested against Sony?

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