The Estate of Michael Jackson appear to be confused as to the process that funds their revenue streams. They seem to assume that Michael’s fans will naively bankroll the billion-dollar tax fine served upon them. A penalty levied as a result of their apparent ineptitude (as starkly unlikely as the excuse of incompetence may be, considering John Branca’s career success and pedigree).

Considering Michael’s deification of his fans – with his humble acceptance of it being our love that energised him, and his oft-repeated recognition of how essential to him our unwavering support was, in spite of the ad hominem vitriol we experienced – I’d even go so far as to say that Michael deserves fan representatives on the panel of the Estate. Fans should, naturally, be entirely involved with any decision-making when it comes to potentiating Michael’s artistic and personal reputation (not cynically utilised as gullible pawns, as they were in that abysmal ‘Behind The Mask’ promo drivel).

Of course, the current charlatanistic mercenaries at the helm of the Estate would never entertain such a concept. Though entertained by the notion they may well be, as they superciliously presume sufficient fortitude in their green paper thrones – usurped, ermine seats of ominous usury; intrinsically expecting that there exists enough terror-fuelled tenacity in said chairs to bear the weight of such flagrant, sprawling arrogance. Whilst they cough and guffaw upon costly cigars, and point with utter derision at the King of Pop’s contemptible mourning paupers.

They dismiss us; wave away our disgruntlement in the mistaken belief that we’re little more than an imbecilic throng of zealous lunatics – willing to buy anything with Michael’s name on it, regardless of quality control.

We need to unite. We need to demonstrate that this prejudice they possess is by no means the case.

Our community is larger than any other fandom – but this magnitude is both our strength and our weakness – due to its manifesting so many distinct factions. Though this happening is nothing more than an inevitable consequence of the machinations that drive human nature – in particular, the intrinsic need we feel to belong. This, combined with the vast spectrum of individuals that Michael’s oracular genius managed to reach.

The time has arrived for fans, as a collective, to overcome our trivial differences, and instead, discern our mutually agreed core issues. And stick stoically to them. After all – perhaps more than any other community – we are trained experts at steadfast support. We are comprised of doctors, lawyers, artists and journalists. We have torrents of talent; lakes of intellect. But more than this, we are a deep, deep pool of immutable, pure passion – replete as a result of myriad individual lifetimes spent dedicated to indomitable loyalty.

The memory of Michael cannot be tainted or bastardised anymore. We cannot afford to negligently allow the miscarriage of the pregnant potential inherent in Michael’s unrivalled fame. Certainly not because of pettiness and a stubbornness to build bridges.

To do so would be a tragedy, in the sincerest sense of the word.

Two fundamental issues I’m convinced we can all reach consensus on, are the continuous defence of Michael against the slanderous perception of his having been a danger to children (as we all know, the polarity is the actuality), and that his sacrosanct canon of work must be handled with a diamond-encrusted glove – that is, with the relevantly exalted reverence it deserves due to its unique beauty. Particularly with regards its unprecedented potential for shaping the world into a better place, through its inspired intention for peace amongst humanity.

We all feel the need to belong. And we all do. We are blessed to belong to Michael. We must do the regency of his memory proud – by working together to prevent the denigration of his legacy at the expense of corporate greed.


The themes in this article concerning why Michael’s fans are so easily and so often branded as lunatics, and what the responsibilities of Michael’s fans and Estate might be, are explored in more depth in my book, The First Book of Michael.

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