Those that have read The First Book of Michael, will have been left in no doubt concerning my sincere and genuine love and respect for Michael Jackson.

It is starkly, blindingly evident.

These many fans, unfettered by the mendacity propagated to try and undermine my tribute to Michael, have unanimously bestowed the book with positivity and praise. Not least due to its attempt to unify the Michael Jackson fan community. A community tragically fractured; with the inherent tragedy being the knowledge that – unified – we could help realise the manifestation of Michael’s dreams. The intention of the attempted lynching of my work was to divide and conquer.

With the launch of The First Book of Michael came a vicious attempt at undermining a piece of work I had sacrificed a great deal for. Such was the influence of those that ruthlessly disseminated the malicious lies about the tribute I worked tirelessly on, the message in the book became nullified. Parts of the book evoke dangerous questions that are unsettling to certain powers.

Why should those who have not read The First Book of Michael opt to ignore the insidious campaign waged against my heartfelt testimony to our hero -a targeted operation of egregious, slanderous accusations; a witch-hunt that utilised images of my pre-school aged children?

The reason is because you are a Michael Jackson fan. And in being such, are clearly aware of your privilege at having been blessed by Michael’s majesty, and therefore naturally appreciate that such underhanded tactics are of the ilk Michael himself suffered: the wanton, audacious promulgation of misinformation.

My book is – at heart – a love letter of gratitude to Michael Jackson, thanking him for providing me with a lifetime of guidance and support. And, as Michael’s confidante of three decades, Karen Faye, writes in the foreword to the book,

“I know everyone who has been touched by Michael will enjoy this book, and those that didn’t understand Michael, will find clarity in Syl’s writing… Michael’s life spoke, and Syl Mortilla was listening.”

The cover image was provided as a gift from Michael’s official photographer, Harrison Funk.

These people are friends of mine, and they were friends of Michael’s. They have been so generous in their endorsements of my book because they intrinsically understand that I love Michael entirely, and am striving to do my best for him and his legacy.

Central to the smear campaign was the suggestion that I am a recent, fair-weather fan of Michael’s. In contention, I’d like to offer evidence to the contrary:

These are two articles I wrote for MJNI’s KING! Magazine in 1997:


I travelled across Europe and saw Michael nine times in concert. This is a picture of a sixteen-year-old me attending the first concert of the HIStory Tour in Prague, 1996:

This is a song I wrote for Michael: 

When Michael was found innocent, I ran into the streets and wailed in ecstasy. When Michael died, I wandered the streets, bereft and lost.

I am donating a percentage of profits from sales of the book to the registered charity Michael Jackson’s Legacy (, who carry out inspiring work building schools in disadvantaged parts of the world.

This is precisely what I perceive Michael’s legacy to be, and I am extremely proud to be in a position to be able to assist them.

In an attempt to address some of the slanderous accusations made against me and my work, I am appearing on the King Jordan radio show on March 11, 9:30 EST. To join the group event, please go here:


I feel humbled to be appearing on the same show that the legendary Mr. Thomas Mesereau regularly features on.

All I ask is that people come to informed conclusions regarding my love and respect for Michael.

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