I am writing this blog in response to the attempted undermining of the message of my book by those seemingly driven by sinister and envious opportunism.

In the Author’s Note that precedes the body of The First Book of Michael, I write:

“This book is my heart. My sole hopes for this book are that it contributes as a counterbalance to the perpetual undermining of a culturally crucial figure, whose career was motivated and galvanised by historically unprecedented efforts of philanthropy and humanitarianism; and that at its conclusion, the reader is left in no doubt with regards the magnitude of respect and love that I possess for Michael.”

The book is dedicated to Michael.

There are malicious forces intent on sabotaging my work; sinister machinations that have had to resort to unearthing a six-year-old article that I hastily composed to fulfil the expectations of a brief I was presented with by an irrelevant, now-defunct online music magazine. The brief asked for a sardonic and satirical take on Michael’s appearance at the O2 press conference. As I was known for my encyclopaedic knowledge and love of Michael, I was chosen as the obviously qualified person to fulfil the task. Yet, even when shackled by the constraints of this brief, I still attempted to use the opportunity to force readers of a magazine that wouldn’t normally question their ingrained perceptions of Michael, to do so.

It is interesting that the articles I used to write for MJNI’s KING! Magazine – written as I grew up an adoring follower of Michael – have not been similarly disseminated.

During the eighteen painstaking months it took me to write The First Book of Michael, I often found myself lonely and hungry, as well as homeless at times. I sacrificed time with my two young children. I voluntarily put myself in this scenario in order to bring to fruition an ambition of mine – one that is intrinsically entwined within me – that I might somehow manage to manifest my love for Michael with an effort to galvanise his legacy.

I have spent a lifetime defending Michael at every turn. I did not always agree with his choices – but as with any true friendship, the love lies in the loyalty. But yes, I occasionally became frustrated with some of Michael’s decisions. However, I love him. I love him so much. I will never stop loving him. And true love remains because of a capacity to acknowledge a person’s idiosyncrasies.

I entirely immersed my heart and soul into writing The First Book of Michael. It is an honest, genuine reflection of my thoughts on the life and soul of my hero (although the term ‘hero’ doesn’t come close to doing my feelings justice. Michael is an intrinsic part of who I am).

The book laments the fractured state of the Michael Jackson fan community and offers hopeful advice on our being able to rectify it. There are many insidious, self-serving individuals hell bent on keeping us divided.

I am not the enemy.

During the past six years, my paternal idol Michael has died, and I have become a father myself. Those kind of experiences shape a soul.

I am proud of mine. I am proud of my words that honour Michael.

Please, decide for yourself:


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